Revision of the JKR Building Specifications started in. involving Civil engineers and the Architects. • The specifications was completed and applied to. Wednesday, October 22, JKR – Standard Specifications For Building Works How much for the specs handbook? Reply. JABATAN KERJA RAYA MALAYSIA. STANDARD SPECIFICATION. FOR ROAD WORKS. Section 4: Flexible Pavement. CAWANGAN JALAN,. IBU PEJABAT.

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The minimum rate of sampling and of testing of concrete shall be in accordance with TABLE D10 at the rate that gives the highest number of samples for initial or continuous production, as appropriate. The Contractor shall submit a method statement to the approval of the S. The heads of fasteners shall be shaped so that they can be driven slightly below specifiication surface of the plasterboard without punching through the paper liner.

Designated borrow pits shown on the Drawings only indicate to the Specificatipn potential areas for borrow. Flame spread index less than zero 0 and smoke developed index less than five 5 according to ASTM E All such diversions must be equipped with temporary diversion signs and comply with the current JKR requirements Adequate workmen for controlling traffic diversion must be provided.

Penetration shall be strictly carried out in accordance with the requirements of the DGFR and to the recommendationapproval of the S. Cement stored in bags shall not be jkd directly on the ground. Special care shall be taken in wet ground to ensure that individual explosions are reduced to such size as to preclude damage to any buildings or structures. Before the commencement of piling work, the contractor shall specifiction the S.


The concrete design and design relationships shall be re-established in the case of a prescribed concrete. Catch platform shall not be used for storage of material or be used as working platforms or walkways.

No standing or flowing water shall be allowed to come into contact with exposed concrete surfaces during the first two 2 hours after placing and compaction of the concrete. The diameter of the hole shall be equal to the width of the required notch. This shall include the type of compaction plant for each type of material and the number of passes in relation to the loose depth of material to achieve desired compaction.

Where shown, galvanized welded wire mesh or expanded metal of the required sizes and patterns shall be fixed to vent panels and window openings.

The fluid water level shall be maintained at a level not less than 1 m above the level of the external ground water.

Standard Specification – Quantity Surveyor Online

It shall have a conductive spceification of maximum 0. All voids formed at the bottom of the trench by the removal of rocks shall be back filled to the required level with Grade 20P concrete or other suitable materials well rammed and compacted all to the approval of the S.

If traffic on any road or railway has to be interrupted for blasting operations, the Contractor shall obtain approval of his schedule for such interruption from the appropriate authorities and shall prove to the S. Chutes extending to near the base shall be employed for raking piles of large diameter.


Only hand held cutting equipment or hydraulic splitters shall be used. All fasteners and screws shall be of the self-drilling type either concealed or screwed fixing, complete with preassembled EPDM rubber washers.

Asbestos processed or unprocessed shall not be added to fibre-cement sheets. The classification of cohesive and cohesion less soil shall be based on Soil Classification System set out in the latest MS Small blemishes caused by entrapped air or water may be expected but the surface shall be free from voids and honeycombing.

Explosives Act, 7. The Contractor shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Laboratory and all equipment including mkr necessary calibration throughout the duration of the Contract.

Other equivalent standards specifying superior material may be used with the approval of the S. The location for termination shall be subjected to the approval of the S.

Where the gradients are not shown in the drawings, the pipe shall be laid to the following gradients: If any area is found not to be watertight, the Contractor must repair at his own expense.

The adhesion of any completed coating shall not be worse than Classification 2. No responsibility is assumed by the S. Bedding, Haunching And Surround 8. Concreting shall be carried out continuously between and up to predetermined construction joints in one sequence of operation. The inspection shall be carried out from the ground surface in the case where the borehole diameter is less than mm. Length and details of reinforcement.


Standard Specification for Road Works (JKR/SPJ/) – REAAA Wiki

For determination of the volume of individual boulder, diameters of the boulder in three 3 orthogonal directions shall be taken. Federal Territory Planning Act Act 9. All fixings to timber slabs ukr be fixed at mm centres maximum. Short branch pipes connected to a main sewer between manholes shall be tested as one system with the main sewer. Loading All internal lightweight partitions shall be constructed only for their sepcification purposes and any additional loadings shall be referred to the S.

JKR Standard Specification 2014.pdf

The moisture content shall be determined in accordance with one of the methods given in MS Flashings shall be made from the same material as the roofing sheets. The suitability or adequacy of any system shall be determined by the S. O and shall be built in-situ. Twisted or damaged members shall be replaced before erection on the site. A control mix shall be made using a conventional trial mix that is without using the admixture, to determine the free water: For each casting day and for each grade of grout and mortar, three samples shall be taken from three 3 separate batches.