About the Book: Sri Jnanadev or Jnaneshwar, Poet and Yogi, Jnani and Bhakta, was on this earth for about twenty years, nearly seven hundred years ago. BHAVARTHA-DIPIKA olhetwiae known as DNYANESHWARI being an illuminating Commentary in Marathi on Bhagwad-Gita by the Celebrated Poel- Saint, Sbri. Śrīdhara Svāmī, in his commentary Bhāvārtha-dīpikā, replies to the idea that prakṛti and puruṣa are the causes of the cosmic manifestation.

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Therefore, O Bbavartha, those especially that arc powerful and arc all-knowing should not abandon bhavarthx. In that way, crores of people plunge themselves in the great flood of the desire for know- ledge of the Supreme Brahman: If you conduct yourself with firm faith in your religion, be assured that you will be happy in all respects and have no trouble whatever. Even Shri Jnaneshwar Maharaj-the very God incarnate of knowledge-expressed a sort of diffidence while starting the work of composing Jnaneshwari, as will be seen from the following verses: Belvalkar for permission to use his English translation of the Gita and to Sri V.

The people look up to us how wc act and loarn from us how to conduct themselves well. To those miscarables, that misery itself is as if their very life. Who is said to be i? How could separate dwelling in a body make him other than my Supreme spirit, when hts acts m this life emanate from this highest life of spirit beyond the limited life of his fimtudc.

Bhavartha-dipika quoted

Of what avail O Govmda, is the kingdom for us, or the enjoyments, or even life? You thus worship the Gods and they will be propitious to you, and then will be created reciprocal affection between you. Dny The four castes namely Brahmins, etc that exist have all been Created by me according to their classified qualities and actions Due consideration has been given to the actions that have taken place through the support of the Primal nature Prakrti and the admixture of the Gunas constituent-aspects They are in their primary essence all of one and dipioa same stuff.

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But there is no difficulty of any such ability here. They changed chcir original obstinate attitude and issued a letter of purification with an open mind to Vithalpant Having succeeded in his mission to Paithan, Vithalpant started on Ins return journey when he met his old preceptor Raroananda, who said, he came there from Aland! There arc also other paths; but they fall short of realising My all-pervading being.

Bhaartha they do one bad thing Entertaining in their minds a passionate desire for Heavens, bhvartha forget the Almighty, m whom centre all the sacrificial rites Just as camphor is piled up and then set fire to ot sumptuous dishes, may be mixed up with poison ot a pitcher filled with nectar should be overturned by a kick, in the same way they debase their religious merit by harbour- ing the passion for enjoyment of the motive lying behind their per.

The armies, whosoever in com- mand of should be subdivided and assigned the respective places on the battle-field with their commandant duly appointed. O Long armed, in the path of Brahman? In this way, he loses both, being led away by faitb What is going to be the fate of such an one? I had taken Marathi as my second language and in connection with that subject, we were coached up in our School in some selections from Jnaneshwari Chapter XII, verses onwards, commencing with “One who never bears any hatred for any living being etc.

In that, the parrot sits on the tube fired to a bhavarhha by the hunter to trap the parrot and with its own weight the tube begins to revolve. In that way in the light of his clear vision it becomes apparent that, the entire universe of being whether moved or unmoved, is realised to be rooted in his self.

The demon smacks the lips, pulling out the tongue that waves ruinously as far as the ears.

Sri Jnanadeva’s Bhavartha Dipika: known as Jnaneshwari (Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita)

It thus took for me four years and eight months from the very start to complete the translation. Jnaneshwar Maharaj had, at a very young age, a vision of that Bjavartha and he gave discourses on the Gita which came to be known as Bhavartha Dipika or Jnaneshwari, bringing to light the deeper meaning and hidden significance of dpiika dialogue between the Blessed Lord and Arjuna.


Then I began to compare Shri. Kulkarni for their editorial work, to Dr. That heavenly bliss is reckoned fit even to fake the place of the Supreme Bliss, on account of the outwaraly contentment felt from it by the senses That heavenly bliss is insccurabic even by performers of hundred sacri- fices such heavenly bliss wheir weighed by the great Yogins on their palms in the form of divine vision secured through the attain- ment of the knowledge of the Supreme, is found by them to weigh ridiculously light and consequently holding it to be worthless, the Yogins make of it only stepping stones, and raising themselves high up.

It seemed to me that Bhxvartha. Now that very Yoga, we have preached to you here, so you make no mistake about it. You do not know your own self and are pouring lament on tbe killing of Kauravas to my utter dismay often and often Oh Arjun,-pray tell me if this vast universe owes its existence to youis the belief m an eternal order of the universe a mere figment? VI, ] the one being without a scconi? In such a state the soul helplessly flounders in darkness In such a state, how should the memory of the past be sustained and how should one leave one’s body and merge in the supreme byavartha Explore the Home Gift Guide.

We only wish that Diwan Bahadur’s efforts in the service of the Jnaneshwari would be rewarded by his getting an insight into the teaching of the great Saint, what he stood for, what his spiritual ideal was, and how it was to be accomplished. Then ceases the dipiks of the distinctions of separate beings, the objects of the senses as also the senses them- selves, all merging in the Supreme Unity of the Brahman, revealed in the complete intuition of the Self.

Full text of “Bhavartha Dipika”

And if My lifelong devotees be placed m this sad plight, Vihat worth may this strife and strain of a devoted life be? Or can one digest a deadly poison.? How I conceived the idea of rendering Jnaneshwari into English Messrs. Arjuna does not see bis way to his dutywhat should be done to him? You arc indeed, O Dhanurdhar, simply the very embodiment of Love, and the very vital life breath of God’s devotion, and the vital spring of friendship.


I have heard carefully all you have said bull I would now asfcr you about some thing that requites explanation to clear my mind r— Ch. The all-knowing God Almighty will himself narrate that account and the same will be narrated by Dnyaneshwar, the disciple of Nivnttmath.

This, I repeat, is necessary to preserve and protect the institution of society This entire mass of the created worlds, Oh Dhanurdhar, is only the outlying environs of the city of Brahma. Everything was in order and the book, well packaged. Tbat too is the effect of illusion, and with its exit I abide formless and qualityless in my form of the SelE One thing IS made to appear as two through a mirror; and yet thinking the mattcressentially and rightly the reflected double is not a real existing second thing.

Now, my Lord, you hear attentively whatever I ask, and do not resent it. Has the jackal ever fought with the lion?

Bhavartha Dipika Jnaneshwari

What indeed may be the cause dipik makes them trans- – gress their own reltgious duty and embrace the alien religion? Similar version, by Slin, Balktishna Anant Bhidc l a, 3.

I diipika say anything as regards the rendering itself. All homage to the sacred memory of that Great Preceptor-the greatest of the Great. Dny— Or, even were you not to hold the soul to be indestructible but hold him to be destructible, still there is no reason for you O Faftha, to fee!