ANSI A117 1 2003 PDF

ANSI A (), Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities as mandated by law and incorporated by reference by the States and. ICC/ANSI A Accessible and Useable Buildings and Facilities The specifications in this standard make sites facilities buildings and elements. Major changes/additions from ICC ANSI A – found in the edition of A 1. ICC ANSI. A – Section. ICC ANSI A –

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Full text of “ANSI A (): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities”

A parcel of land bounded by a property line or a designated portion of a public right-of-way. Scoping No figures 5 Chapter 3.

Telephones, enclo- sures, and related equipment shall comply with Section Building Blocks General Incre- mental volume controls shall provide at least one intermediate step of gain of 12 dB minimum. Wheelchair accessible com- partments shall comply with Section Lifts with ramps shall com- ply with Section Extensions shall return to a wall, guard, or floor, or shall be continuous to the handrail of an adja- cent ramp run. Raised 1a17 and changes in level at doorways shall comply with Sections and Floor surfaces of a turning space shall have a slope not steeper than 1: Signs with tactile characters shall be permitted on the annsi side of doors with closers and without hold-open devices.


Ambulatory accessible com- partments shall comply with Section Platform lifts shall not be attendant oper- ated and shall provide unassisted entry and 20033 from the lift.

Hall signals shall comply a17 Section Where 1a17 acoustic cou- pler is used, the telephone cord shall be of sufficient length to allow connection of the TTY and the tele- phone handset. Standard roll-in-type shower com- partments shall have a clear inside dimension of 60 inches mm minimum in width and 30 inches mm minimum in depth, measured at the center point of opposing sides.

ICC does not have the power or authority to police or enforce compliance with the contents of this standard.

Signs identifying van parking spaces shall contain the designation “van accessible. The minimum acceptable time from notification that a car is answering a call until the doors of that car start to close shall be calculated from the following equa- tion: If a clear floor space is in an alcove or otherwise confined on all or part of three sides, additional maneuvering clearances complying with Sections The rear edge of an L-shaped seat shall be 27 2 inches 64 mm maxi- mum and the front edge 1 5 inches mm min- imum to 16 inches mm maximum from the seat wall.


The mini- mum clear opening width for automatic door sys- tems shall be based on the clear opening width provided with all leafs in the open position. The function button shall be located immediately below the keypad arrangement or floor buttons. Seats shall comply with Section ‘ The height of bathtub seats shall be 17 inches mm minimum to 19 inches mm maximum above the bathroom floor, measured to the top of the seat.

The spout shall be located 1 5 inches mm minimum from 20003 vertical sup- port and 5 inches 1 25 mm maximum from the front edge of the drinking fountain, including bumpers. Controls shall be located within one of the reach ranges specified in Section Doors to a toilet and bathing room for a single occupant, accessed only through a private office and not for common use or public use shall be permitted to swing into the clear floor space, provided the swing of the door can be reversed to meet Section Grab bars with a circular cross section shall have an outside diameter of 17 4 inch 32 mm minimum and 2 inches 51 mm maximum.

Assistive listening systems shall be identified by 20003 International Symbol of Access for Hearing Loss complying with Figure Ambulatory accessible compartments shall comply with Section Removable in-tub seats shall be capable of secure placement.


ANSI A117.1 (2003): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Car gates shall be prohibited. Swinging hoistway doors shall open and close automatically and shall comply with Sections Changes in level in floor surfaces shall comply with Section 0203 Changes in level greater than V 2 inch 13 mm in height shall be ramped and shall comply with Sec- tion or The space between the wall and the grab bar shall be 1 V w117 inches 38 mm.

The clear width andi a ramp run shall be 36 inches mm minimum. Dwelling Units and Sleeping Units 89 Figure Individual experts shall serve for a renewable term of one year and shall be subject to approval by vote of the consensus body.

Side ramps shall be 42 inches mm minimum in width.

Tactile characters shall comply with Section X knee clearance of 24 inches mm minimum above the floor shall be permitted at lavatories and sinks used primarily by children ages 6 through 1 2 where the rim or counter surface is 31 inches mm maximum above the floor.