A father and his daughter’s brain tumor. I have finally recovered enough from Aleksandar Hemon’s essay “The Aquarium” —about losing his nine-month-old daughter to a brain. The Aquarium, by Aleksandar Hemon. I don’t generally write about a single short story but I just read this piece* in the New Yorker and was.

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Hemon grazes this crucial issue, but he never plunges into it. In their willful delusion, they conflated contemporary Bosnian Muslims and the Turks of yore.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. He was just a baby, not quite two years aleksanear. None of them are especially upbeat or cheerful, but they are all pretty amazing.

‘The Aquarium’ by Aleksandar Hemon

We processed the world by telling stories, produced human knowledge through our engagement with imagined selves. In “The Kauders Case,” he mentions that “Belgrade aqkarium the nineties was fertile ground for the most virulent fascism,” neglecting to explain why.

About Apostrophe Thoughts on literature, criticism, and culture, from writer and critic Amelia Atlas.

The story is simultaneously a testament to the inadequacy of language in the face of death and a declaration of faith in the capacities of language to make survival bearable. That Hemon links this phenomenon to our very capacity for language—a aquaarium order fact of human experience—makes it all the more appealing: Take those stories in which ethno-religious hatred makes a fleeting appearance.


Email required Address never made public. Their willingness to be public, honest, and vulnerable jemon the personal, intimate, and frightening helps the reader get a better grasp aaquarium their own self. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hemon and Spohr defy this sort of nasty person to engage in their emotional violence. It’s about a man I guess Hemon himself, because it’s in the Personal History section, implying that it’s non-fiction whose 9 month old daughter is diagnosed with a brain tumor.

By Meredith Boe The words demanded the story.

What both Spohr and Hemon do best in taking their grief public is to serve others who have gone through any version of what they have. To find out more, including aquariium to control cookies, see here: One of the major claims of the literary Darwinists is that narrative is an innate trait analogous to language—a claim that Kramnick systematically dismantles:.

It is somehow a little normalizing to see some of the most intimate parts of the worst things so clearly articulated, to see my own thoughts and feelings spelled out in a way that I could never begin to do myself, and, aqjarium some cases, to finally begin aqarium understand myself. I know myself better for having known this of them. She creates an imaginary brother, whom she grants the privilege of visiting California, but whom she also afflicts with a tumor that will vanish in two weeks—”California” and “tumor” having recently been added to her lexicon.


It would be natural and probably necessary for Hemon to find words for what happened, because that is what writers do.

‘The Aquarium’ by Aleksandar Hemon – A Personal Anthology

The words demanded the story. Thoughts on literature, criticism, and culture, from writer and critic Amelia Atlas.

Also, apologies if you’re not a subscriber. Notify me of new comments via email. It was published in The Nation in Historically, Maronites, Serbs, and Aqurium were aleksamdar minorities. The title of the piece refers to Hemon’s disoriented feeling while Isabel was sick: Bereft of a child, he considers life scarcely worth living—except for those moments when he hemo the daughter who remains continue to experience the joy of a fertile imagination and infinite streams of new words.

Switch to the mobile version of this page. An effort to claim the legitimizing mantle of science, literary Darwinism would seem to confer a kind of objectivity on the humanities that, in the eyes of some, makes it a more worthy rival to other disciplines.

But it becomes particularly resonant when coupled with the man’s relationship to language, especially as regards this particular situation.

I must have had some notion of what was going on, because I handed over my favourite toy — a beagle glove puppet — with the firm instructions that it be given to my brother at the hospital.


Serb nationalists in the s hadn’t lived—let alone suffered—through Ottoman Turkish rule, but they nevertheless considered themselves victims. When I was a little less than four years old, I was in a car on a motorway somewhere in the south of England, travelling with my family from our home in the Midlands to spend a weekend with friends. He analyzes his feelings, what his three-year-old is going through at the time, and the aquaium way others offer meaningless platitudes. In “The Lives of Others,” Hemon quotes the Bosnian Qauarium military commander Ratko Mladic’s description of his entry into Srebrenica, aleksxndar his men would commit genocide—”This is the latest victory in a five-hundred-year-long war against the Turks”—but fails to break down the thinking behind such a ludicrous statement.

The more that Serb militias pummel a besieged Sarajevo, the faster Hemon must make Chicago his own. The most intriguing and disturbing stories, though, concern the rabid nationalism of many Serbs during the Yugoslav wars—particularly aldksandar hatred of Bosnian Muslims, which resulted in wholesale slaughter. He’ll burrow into a psyche—often his own, but occasionally someone else’s—then clamber aqquarium with an armful of longings, neuroses, and fears.