Kodokan Goshin-jutsu. Toshu-no-bu (Unarmed section): 1. When held. Ryote- dori Hidari-eri-dori Migi-eri-dori Kata-ude-dori Ushiro-eri-dori Ushiro-jime Kakae- . Kodokan KATA Textbook. Nage-no-Kata · Katame-no-Kata · Kime-no-Kata · Ju- no-Kata · Kodokan Goshin-jutsu. Itsutsu-no-Kata (To be prepared). Kata Summer Course [DAY 4] Kime-no-Kata and Kodokan Goshin-jutsu. 25 Jul On the fourth day of Summer Course 1, July 18, the.

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I hate trying to recapture the content of a lost post. That video makes their stand-up look like the striking skills of judo mixed jisu the throwing skills of wingchun.

It is not modern.

Goshin Jutsu Kata – Black Belt Wiki

Kodokan Goshinjutsu does not establish “new” principles in judo – except for the gun-defences – but offers some alternative defences and variations of attacks. I trained to a high level in this kata to the stage we used live blades, and that is where Kime no kata is truly learned and understood.

Are you saying that Kodokan Goshin-jutsu has no redeeming qualities. In kime-no-kata, you are in a set position, there aren’t really any distant attacks except for one fist attack and one sword attack.


Of course gun-defences were new to judo, so the basic principles are also not found in other kata. Not doing so might result in injury of the practictioners. How did I learn it.

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What is Jūdō?

I am trying to fish out what I should be goshih for when practicing this kata. Most of the waza are flawed? Now ‘some’ of this may be in my judo DNA? Filmed in in Japan. I think that wdax raises some important points, Hanon-sensei. The jujitsu behind seoi nage involves blocking a right hook to secure the wrist and shoulder for the throw. But over time I learnt that my katx was wrong.

It teaches nothing the kime no kata doesn’t teach. Compared to Kime no kata it is a more modern set of self-defence kitsu. But as brilliant as their kata was it still did not tell me why I had to do THIS and what more I would learn by doing that instead of simply doing newaza randori. Please login or register. Maybe it’s possible to go further towards a more randori style training with protective gear if necessary.


To this end what the hell am I missing?

Goshin Jujitsu (not the kata) : judo

Oh, I didn’t pay attention to that part since out of the five words of “goshin jutsu judo no kata” there are three of which I don’t know the meaning. Looking at the video though we see some problems and I am sure you are aware of them: If one practices the kime no kata why do we need the less technically efficient goshinjutsu kata?

To CK sensei’s points. I need to learn and find the answers. In modern situations people sit on chairs, not on the ground.

Of course i’m talking about police related work. Gosyin have seen here some other non kodokan kata and with a few exceptions I can defend the practice of some of those. The same problem is ubiquitous. No wrist locks; only waki gatame. SD must ALWAYS take into account the fact that very often, in fact generally, an attacker is not a fool and knows his ‘art’ better, or as well, than we do gosyin.

Each of these kata compliment each other.

They can be summed up in: Some of the groundwork is not that bad and it’s cool to see the omoplata being used way back before it really took off in bjjbut it lacks the tightness and details that come from making it work against uncooperative opponents. There is foshin only one way to achieve a given goal. It can improve your ability to fight, so it can help.


Even partly the ju no kata. If judo is about taking lessons from training in attack and defence to everyday life, well Kodokan jifsu does have attacks and defences.

Goshin Jutsu Kata

I have a duty to my students, and luckily had some great teachers, some kwta whom could do an inspiring katame-no-kata. I have taken so much from them both and still do to this day. I have to disagree. Wristlocks have their place, but not usually standing, and not in self defense imho.

I cannot recall what else I wrote and lost so will close at that.