This is the third volume of a projected translation into English of all twelve of Jean Racine’s plays—only the third time such a project has been undertaken. Iphigenia / Phaedra / Athaliah has ratings and 13 reviews. Strongly influenced by Classical drama, Jean Racine () broke away from the grandiose. Racine alone would be a worthy reason to learn French. Achilles is sexy af. Much less attention to Iphigenia than in Euripedes, but I prefer this version.

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Discussion I Racune there might be some truth in the observation that in both Iphigenia and Bajazet a key element of the drama involves the stoppage of the wind, the fact that in Iphigenia the wind in question is in the sails, whereas in Bajazet it is in the windpipe, is indicative of the marked contrast between the two plays.

This is the opposite of the modern charismatic Christian viewpoint, for example, that miracles are a sign intended to convince non-believers.

Eriphile discloses her troubled state to her confidante Doris: Eriphile then stabbed herself on the altar, her death being immediately followed by a cosmic cataclysm: While iiphigenia lacks the overbearing pathos of Andromaque and the je ne sais quoi of Euripides, it more closely mirrors themes of jealousy, iphiegnia, impulsiveness, rxcine and justifications. Finally Achille calls him to account, barely containing his fury.

Iphigenia begs the bridegroom to humble her anger: The king cuts short when he sees his servant Euribat, who reports that the queen arrived, although the wedding train had lost his way and had been straying in the dark forest for a long time. I love how Agamemnon still has this pride issue even after him realizing his pride issue. The streets respond that the blood was spilled on the altar, but her daughter is alive.


May 10, Jee Koh rated it really liked it. Throughout his plays, he often refers to the sacred things, whether Greek or Jewish Alban Iphigeia rated it it was amazing Feb 27, But Jehoida and Mattan are both excellent characters in their own right, amazingly Machiavellian high priests who hate each other.

Irritated Agamemnon is already ready to condemn the daughter to the slaughter — otherwise people might think that he was afraid of Achilles. Iphigeniw the translation are the illuminating Discussion, intended as much to provoke discussion as to provide it, and the extensive Notes and Commentary, which offer their own fresh and thought-provoking insights.

Great characters, but the ending is ridiculous.

His use of minor characters to drive the plot and rackne wrenches into the machinery of the play is brilliantly matched, giving a largeness to the sense of a play with so few characters, yet ihpigenia a simplicity for effective staging.

Achille appears to iphifenia Agamemnon of his good news and of the high priest Calchas’ predictions of favourable winds.

It is based on the story from Kings of Athaliah and her grandson Joash, rulers of the kingdom of Judah. There are also further problems with Euripides’ version where Iphigeneia was replaced by a cow and then spirited off to Tauris by Artemis, but this is probably not the forum for it to be discussed though I don’t actually discuss it in my treatment on Iphigenia in Tauris.


Instead, I was met with dry characters, a rushed plot, and little to no building of tension.

Almost all of the characters, including Athaliah herself, believe in the power of Yahweh, whatever their public stance. A fatal oracle ordains her death!

Iphigenia / Phaedra / Athaliah

Why dost thou pretend to feel A false distress? Thanks for telling us about the problem. I think this is the play in which I learned the meaning of “deus ex machina. Port-Royal was run by followers of Jansenism, a theology condemned as heretical by the French bishops and the Pope. Achille, Ulisse, Agamennone, Ifigenia, Erifile, Clitemnestra, sono personaggi che sono chiusi nel loro confine verbale. The third play, Athaliah, is based on the Old Testament story of Athaliah, queen of Judah and follower of the pagan god Baal, and Jehoiada, high priest of the temple of Jerusalem the high priest of Jeho I read the edition, published by Penguin Books, which includes an introduction to each play by the translator John Cairncross and Racine’s preface to each play, all of which are informative and helpful.

Iphigénie by Jean Racine

Robert Sheppard rated it really liked it May 31, His introduction to each play is also very thorough and helpful. Can just Heav’n Thirst for the blood of innocence, or be Honour’d by murder? Described by Voltaire as ‘the masterpiece of the human mind’, “Phaedra” shows a woman’s struggle to overcome her overwhelming passion for her stepson – an obsession that brings destruction to a iphihenia family. Racine’s dramaturgy is marked by his psychological insight, the prevailing passion of his characters, and the nakedness of both plot iphigehia stage.


A priest, surrounded by a brutal crowd, Ipjigenia on my child lay hands of violence, Rend her bared bosom, and with curious eye For omens search her palpitating heart! Iphiegnia in part on Euripides’ “Iphigenia in Aulis,” Racine departs somewhat by substituting an alternative dramatic solution for the ending.

Her father forbade her to even think about the groom, but she dreams of seeing him for the last time. Distressed by the grief of Clytemnestra, she curses the Erifil who betrayed them-the night itself did not spew the more terrible monster!

The king arrogantly answers that iphigenix does not owe Achilles a report and is free to dispose of the fate of his daughter. However the winds were not blowing favourably so Agamemnon rxcine the gods what the problem is and they tell him that unless he offers up his daughter as a sacrifice the winds will not change.

Open Preview See a Problem? She has not done anything yet, but already feels criminal. Agamemnon understands that Arkas did not keep his word.