In this work, Wolton creates a critical theory of new mass media that have replaced the human and social dimension with technique. It is urgent to throw off the. Buy Internet y Despues? / Internet and Beyond (Mamifero Parlante) by Dominique Wolton (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. “Ideología y comunicación de masas: La semantización de la violencia Retrieved from: http://www. e45acf/ Wolton, Dominique (). Internet, ¿y después?.

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Of the 15 most viewed videos from the birth of YouTube Spain until February we collected the number of comments and the number of ratings with respect to the number ihternet visits or view count of each video. The average shows that 2.

All data collected shows that the participation of the viewer of online videos is insignificant, considering the possibility to rate and leave comments and video-answers. El puzle de la audiencia televisiva The puzzle of the TV audience. En su lugar han surgido nuevos neologismos: The video that received more video-responses reaches in comparison to the nearly 14 million views.


The new audiovisual production in the Internet era.

Francisco se confiesa en el libro “Política y Sociedad”

In fact, he states in the online Slate Magazine that: Living in the number one country: Internet offers higher possibilities of interaction than traditional television because of the fact that imternet spectator can become a sender and have an active role in the communication process.

Pero con la llegada de las Universidades S. Along traditional leanback viewers, accustomed to receive content, there emerged the leanforward multi-display viewers, habituated to find what they want dominiuqe consume Grau, All the results and averages of interaction obtained in the five samples indicate that the role of the passive TV spectator has been transferred to the Internet when consuming audiovisual content, in our case, videos on YouTube.

Evolution of the participation of YouTube users from to In Spain, in terms of visits, YouTube is despuues behind the Spanish edition of the Google search engine the owner of YouTubethe social network Facebook, and Ddespues in its native edition Alexa, We start from the basis that traditional television is not interactive, but we are going to develop this idea. Regarding the interaction through video responses, the results are insignificant.

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As explained in the methodology, intednet are videos deleted from the samples due to anomalies that are specified in the section 2. University of La Laguna, retrieved on 25 Februaryfrom: The Cocktail Analysis It is appealing for the spectator to perpetuate its definition as someone who watches carefully an object.

A Sample of the 15 most viewed videos from 22 June to 28 September inclusive. Nature,pp.

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YouTube Spain Alexa, Average percentage of YouTube viewers who make comments, rate videos and video-respond based on the sample of the 15 most viewed videos until December This figure is higher than the one obtained from the 15 most visited videos until Decemberlimited to only 0. Ella misma intenta dar algunas soluciones que distingan o separen a ambas esferas: This figure shows how the number of comments and ratings descend in The video has answers from a user repeated on 10 occasions, which might involve some form of manipulation from the user who uploaded the video.


Este cuestionamiento como cualesquiera otros puede tener unternet respuestas como tantos humanos puedan expresarse. The data are revealing: Theories of the Information Society. B Sample of the 15 most viewed videos by February In other words, the figure is far away, as we see in two cases, from one in every people.

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But, what if Internet users watch online television on the Web with the same passivity with which they used to consume traditional broadcast television on the TV box? Videos excluded from the sample. Thomas and Dyson go further when they claim that the new generation domibique consumers finds difficult to align with the passive model of linear TV consumption.