Infernum is a role-playing game published by Mongoose Publishing in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 References. Infernum is an isometric ARPG featuring enemy mobs and large scale PVP action . All Games > RPG Games > Infernum ยท Community Hub. Infernum. Infernum. Robert Turk is raising funds for Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival on Kickstarter! A pick-up & play tabletop RPG. Easy to.

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Infernum (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

Ultimately we want to deliver a quality product that you will enjoy playing, even if that takes longer than we have planned for. The Book of the Tormentor – Out Now! PoD Book with Shipping European backers at this reward level receive a physical copy of the hardback book printed by a digital PoD printer with standard shipping included.

Glass Counters and Bag Exclusive: Wednesday, 4th May, This pledge level is for Brick and Mortar retailers only. I can see myself playing amidst a band of demons, intent on conquering Infernum.

Saturday, 25th June, Demons consume it, mortals produce it, angels cannot replenish it until high level. The Tenth House, House Lictat, has arisen after three hundred and sixty seven years to claim the position held by the destroyed Ninth House, House Jelac. Since the Reviews section is down: It is my impressions from it, rather than a complete and thorough analysis. By the time that the spell wore off, the demons had uneasily settled into the violent, bloody, oft-broken ‘peace’ maintained by the Nine Houses of Hell, each headed by one of the most powerful demons in the Pit, each one a claimant for the title of Ruler of All Hell.


Although the descriptions are spread out over infeenum entire work, and generally not extensive, they along with inrernum fiction do paint a good picture of what Infernum is.

You may mix in Purgatory House books but these will not have ribbon bookmarks.

All Backers get immediate access to our Beta Playtest Rules in Update #1!

Lucifer vanished, no one knows his fate, but managed to lay a spell upon Pandemonium, the City of Chaos, that would prevent any of the demons from seizing the Throne of Angels and claiming dominion over all of Hell.

Tuesday, 21st June, Thursday, 29th September, Good art helps to establish a mood, solidifies the theme, and jump-starts the inefrnum. It is a game in which you do not fight the Legions of Hell It is five hundred and infednum five years since the last of the First Fallen was slain, and Hell is in turmoil once again.

Easy to play, easy to run, hard to survive! Starship Infernum signed Exclusive: Share this project Done. Results 1 to 3 of 3. That could be one copy of Starship Infernum and one copy of Purgatory House, or two copies of either.


In addition, the choice of affiliation to one of the demonic Houses or other political entities affects the character both mechanically and within the setting. Questions about this project? Choose a 2nd book PDF: Sewn-In Ribbon Bookmark Exclusive: No matter what, we will be upfront with communicating and setting realistic expectations.

These retailer copies will receive all of the unlocked kickstarter stretch goals, will be signed by the designer, and will have complimentary ribbon bookmarks sewn into the spine.

Iliaster is produced by torturing lost souls in the many torture farms of Infernum.

Infernum (role-playing game)

International Shipping is expensive! BotD also boasts other skills, such as Torture, or Warcraft based on HD, which in my opinion is wrong. Support Select this reward. Ships to Rpf in the world. European backers at this reward level receive a physical copy of the hardback book printed by a digital PoD printer with standard shipping included. We have several stretch goals lined up including additional scenarios, alien write-ups, and more!


Learn more about accountability. Infernnum is not a store. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, We are now proud to present our brand new, survival-horror RPG with great art, cool new mechanics, alien monsters, psychological dangers, lots of explosions, and even more unrelenting horror:.

It seems awfully powerful, especially infeernum high levels. We are using the same printer that we used for Purgatory House, and we know what they expect and when they need it. The vast majority of angels were slain and devoured, the survivors fleeing into the dying universe of the Broken Lands, leaving Hell forever after in the hands of inferum demons.

These will be announced once we hit our initial funding goal.