Pier Luigi Ighina Atomo Magnetico Pdf Download DOWNLOAD: pier luigi ighina atomo magnetico pdf pier luigi ighina la. Twice-nominated Nobel Peace Prize systems theorist, Ervin Laszlo, has stated that, “the fundamental furnishing of the universe is information. Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico. Attualità e coscienza. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Publisher, Atlantide, ISBN, ,

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Dopo aver studiato a fondo il campo magnetico, generato da alcune elettrocalamite e dal quale non riusciva a concludere il suo progetto, Ighina, preso da uno strano nervosismo, mise tanta di quella corrente elettrica da determinare la bruciatura totale del congegno.

We are there, attentive, with cameras and cameras bets, ready for use. Rotating Electromagnetic Canal tuned in with the Matter.

Our environment, ighiha at low levels altitude, not very favourable. So can not go it alone?

See then the results obtained in various experiences: The device is located on the open soil, not cement, because this material generates an out of phase of the earth signal destroying the good rhythm.

The atom produces a pulse that expands from the center and is represented by a thin bright circle. He was thus able to control the energy of the matter. How could he ivhina the union of these magnetic atoms?

These magnetic atoms created two poles that surrounded the whole. Flowers placed close to ERIM will keep fresher longer, or will blossom sooner than normal.


Pier Luigi Ighina

Meanwhile Ighina announces that the “flying saucer”, announced that he is already four thousand meters of altitude and that would be dropped as soon as the igihna stroboscopio” running, had determined the magnetic field until the optimal condition likely to drop.

Orphaned articles from August All orphaned articles Articles lacking sources from August All articles lacking sources Articles with multiple maintenance issues. Many have not survived the cold and they have taken refuge inside the laboratory, while others have put in their car. I’m already past However, no official proof of these collaborations are known.

It is the pulley an electric motor that does magnetivo work well. Tale corridoio doveva servire per due scopi ben precisi: Everything born, and growing, changes in this column of light-like particles because this energy travels side by side with the Light.

After years of experimentation he was then able to obtain magnetic atoms whose vibration he could control thanks to the construction of micro-electromagnets; this allowed him to obtain the various vibrations existing in the different matters.

The atomic explosions cause the magnetic atoms to gather in great amounts. Ighinas opinion, the proof that the magnetic field is the cause of all nuclear reactions. After some research on this odd fact, he found out that all vehicles have a magnetic vibrations due to various engine elements.


Pier Luigi Ighina – Wikipedia

So they started to excite it with strong magnetic fields and strong electric tensions, causing the alteration of the atom itself. The various colours and shapes of matter are due to alterations in the vibration of the atoms that compose it. He was particularly interested jghina the magnetic flux, so he tried to observe a piece of crystalline glass which was interposed between a magnet and a piece of iron.

Within this rhythm or pulse, the rhythms of everything existing on Earth – both animate and inanimate – are enhanced.

If there is another lower layer of clouds that runs in the opposite direction which gets negatively excited the two layers will attract each other creating nuclear reactions. L’atomo magnetico – Studi, teorie, progetti e applicazioni di grandi scoperte scientifiche.

He invented this procedure because, since he wanted to have a bigger enlargement, he thought he could put different microscopes in series one after the other. It seems that only the tip of your finger is enough to discover the point and nature of the malfunction.

Meanwhile, even in this short period of rest, the affection and solidarity of its collaborators and friends accompany the equally with regard to help and support in future for his mission of peace and brotherhood among men. While functioning, the upper disk would rotate and the funnels would do the same work as the paddles in a boat. At the edges of the disks there were different funnels: What happens is that in a specific part of the circuit the driver passes into a cloud of atoms of those gases which, attracted by the magnetic vibration of the engine, will invest the driver and in contact with all these vibration a nuclear reaction will take place around the drivers magnetic body causing unbalance.


Shortly afterwards, two military fighter fets flying at low altitude our area and then decided pointing upward.

La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico – Pier Luigi Ighina – Google Books

A few months after the death on 8 Januarythis book is published by a group of friends and collaboratorswho wanted real good and recognized him as a prophet and a great master. If you have hot water central heating, ighinw can place ERIM about 10 cm from the boiler with the green spirals parallel to it; the circulating water will carry information throughout the system and cleanse rooms within a few days. Poi si spenge tutto, davvero definitivamente.

The saucer could also have positive polarity on the upper disk and negative mqgnetico the lower, or vice-versa.