Process Making Fiber Cement old type and improvement. Asbestos fiber cement techhology about years ago, Ludwig Hatschek made the. cement plates obtained using such processes. Background of the invention. [ ] Hatschek processes for the production of fiber cement. A Hatschek process for the production of profiled fiber cement plates is provided. The process comprises the steps of: Providing an endless fiber cement.

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So in a zone of length L, the diameter of the accumulator roll gradually changes from Dmin to Dmax. This product is used primarily for roofing slates and corrugates.

According to some embodiments, the prodess roll may prodess no recess in axial direction along at least 40 mm of its circumference. Sheet forming, stacking section. Providing an endless fiber cement multilayered slab stacking at least one monolayer of a first type having a first width and at least one monolayer of a second type of monolayers having a second width, the at least one monolayer of a second type of monolayers extending in transverse direction beyond the at least one monolayer of a first type of monolayer; Accumulating at least one layer of the endless fiber cement multilayered slab procees a profiled accumulator roll having a recess along at least part of its circumference whereby the at least first monolayer is provided within the recess; Removing the accumulated slab from the accumulator roll; and Curing the uncured fiber cement plate.

It is understood that, in line with the invention, more or less than four, but at least 2 monolayers can be offered and accumulated on the accumulator roll.

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Portland cement, limestone, chalk, quick lime, slaked or hydrated lime, ground sand, silica sand flour, quartz flour, amorphous silica, condensed silica fume, microsilica, metalkaolin, wollastonite, mica, perlite, vermiculite, aluminum hydroxide, pigments, anti-foaming agents, flocculants, and other additives.

Doping compensation mechanism for producing fiber cement products by wet process.


The first monolayer has a width W1 of mm, the three subsequent monolayers have a with W2 of mm. The density profiles of the uncured, profiled fiber cement plate is shown in figure 8. Fibre cement is not susceptible to mould or rot damage thereby exceeding the longevity of timber, it contains no metals so will not rust and decay like steel and has low thermal conductivity so will not distort in the prescence of heat like PVC. Thereafter the second and further layers in production direction sequence may all be of the second type of monolayers with a width W2 and extending in transversal direction beyond the first layer.

Man made PV A fibres have long since replaced the mineral fibre, and other solids are now added to the slurry to furnish differe nt performance characteristics. A1 Designated state s: A typical Hatchek process is shown in Figure 1.

A Hatschek process according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein said multilayered slab further comprises n additional monolayersn being an integer of at least 1, said width of each of said cemnt additional monolayers in transversal direction is more than the first width, and wherein each of said n additional monolayers extending in transverse direction beyond the first monolayer. As such, the monolayer build on this sieve will not build along the covered zones andhence resulting in the fact that a monolayer with smaller width W1 will be formed.


The sieves are aligned one to the other in such a way that on the endless beltthe monolayer with the smallest width W1 is encompassed, or in this case covered, by the other hatsdhek, in this embodiment the other three monolayersandwhich have procfss a substantially identical width W2. The products are widely used in variety kinds of industrial and domestic construction fields such as external, internal walls, ceilings, sound insulation, and waterproof board for prkcess facility.

Preferably the multilayered slab consists of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 monolayers, though more monolayers are possible. Online support, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Video technical support, Engineers available to service machinery overseas. The density and composition of hahschek slurry used to provide all four monolayers are identical.

Cement mix and method for producing reinforced hahschek sheets from a cement mix.

Hatschek process fiber cement board production line

By the simple formation of a repeated wave in the wet material, larger panels can be made self-supporting and thereby provide excellent method of cladding large areas. According to some embodiments, the difference between the width W1 of the first type of monolayers in transverse direction and the width W2 of the second type of monolayers may be at least 40 mm.

The process according to claim 12, characterized in that the stacking roller having a recess in the axial direction along the entire circumference cemetn the upperthe process further comprises at the start of the stacked multilayer endless fiber cement plank at least one layer deposited on the profiled roll, so that the flber of a multilayer endless fiber cement plank at least one layer of the contacts in figer recess stacking said roller means.


After Production Process Composition: The great disadvantage of these products is a very large increase in material and manufacturing process costs. These used the same mixture of asbestos fibers and cement as with the Hatschek process, although sometimes some process aid additives are used for other processes.

A defence against rot and fibeer The combination of raw material and matrix structure of fibre-cement also provides excellent durability. Preferably the length of cemenh radial projection of each of the legs of the trapezoid shape on the axis of the accumulator roll is in the range of 5 to 15 mm, more preferred in the range of 10 to 15 mm.

Along a part of the surface of the rotating drum, the surface is prcess with perforations, or is provided in a wire net materialforming a sieve. Bitumen Shingles Cedar Shingles.

Fibre cement – rooted in history

According to some embodiments, the multilayered slab further cemenf comprise m additional monolayersthe m monolayers being monolayers of the first type of monolayers. Kind code of ref document: Random and natural surface effects can be achieved but with the consistency of a production line giving superb levels of control and cost efficiency.

Imprinted water-permeable cement concrete ground structure with aggregate exposed on surface, and manufacturing method thereof. Pre-curing and template restaking section.

As such a fiber cement multilayered slabas shown in figure 3is provided wherein the first monolayer is covered by the three other monolayers.