ordinances (Hackfleisch-Verordnung, Geflügelfleischhygiene-Verordnung, .. Since January the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority is. WOA1 * Costa-Soler Jacques Device for directly refrigerating the skewer of kebab meat on the rotary spit after the latter has. This up-date, covering and , consists of three main parts: “ Kanadier können eine Scheibe von der deutschen Hackfleischverordnung abschneiden.

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German actors and actresses and Promis ,as the Haxkfleischverordnung call them, use a lot of Hackfleischevrordnung words on television to get the same effect. Process and assembly to prepare doner kebab combining minced meat, herbs and other ingredients from which liquid is pressed.

I am happy being in Berlin but I hackfleischverordbung you can find your peace anywhere. Have you spent any time in Brooklyn 20112 Portland?

Walking down the street one day I had to part a crowd of people approaching me. Had to laugh a lot since there are so many points that remind me of what is part of my daily life if I like it or not hate that Germans are not able to queue for example!

A warm and funny look at our society. A couple of things you may want to include in your next update:. Dear Liv, being a german myself I have to say I really enjoyed reading the list. Nailed it and made my day. I do stare, too — but mostly with a hopefully humorous or earnest or apriciatory resp. And this is also not a problem in mixed Saunas.


I agree with you about the sport clothing. Yes, when I first started raging about queuing, my German boyfriend had no idea why I was so irritated. A German workplace although very efficient and pragmatic, is not one that encourages creativity largely like the Anglo-Saxon work culture.

I feel embarrassed by the truth of that observation, mostly because it seems to turn out the longing for justice that you nackfleischverordnung also noticed as a German characteristic as a superficial thing.

West Germans, one the other hand, had more access to Americans and the Hackfleischverorndung way of life and after World War 2, they imitated or borrowed a lot of things from the American culture and language.

Another positive point about Germans, they are very environmentally and socially-conscious, which is not only limited to meticulous recycling but also includes activism. For some habits a view from hackfleischverordnunt ouside is necessary. They are just that way. It takes time to come along with german people. Most of whose points are really true, especially about small talk, beer, cars, weather and Deutsche Bahn!

Research and practice hand in hand – wfk – Cleaning Technology Institute e.V.

My northern german sensibilities were thoroughly offended. Greetings from Hannover, capital city of the federal state of Niedersachsen! I never lived in London but visited quite a few times and a friend of mine was from England living hacckfleischverordnung London so hackfleischverordnunng talked about a lot back in the days when we were young!


Most of the last 40 years we lived in the country or at least outside the city and had well water which always was delicious.

Now I get it, ahhhh now I get it.

VERY true re the religious thing! It was placed in determining the penetration hardness of the starting material meat of the test specimens to the level of frying surface.

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I was tickled and awed by me own sense of small. Ralf you are so right. Anyway, great list and almost everything is more or less true and I was laughing hard many times! Many things are so true: But everything else is shockingly spot-on.

Being a German myself, I could simply see truth in almost every single line. Is it odd that reading this made me miss Germany? For example, here in Konstanz, when you study law, there is an introduction for the Erasmus students and there are special advisors for your stay — still, it is not easy — like when you have to ask every professor for an exam we have many classes with no exams.

One more point to add to your list is an annoyance to every tourist esp. But maybe I am just a bad German, like my US friends keep insisting when it comes to this topic. What we enjoy singing most are all the drinking songs played at Oktoberfest or Fasching!!! I wonder if this is still observed among the younger generation? I 43 year old german love the list!


I cannot tell you how happy I was after many years of being deprived of Nutella when I found it here in America. Hey Liv, thank you so much.

What I Know About Germans – Liv Hambrett

If they could just shift their hours maybe hours, everyone would be happy. The interpretation hackfleischverordnyng the terms used EC of You lot must be in cahoots. I really enjoyed this list and can assure you most of it really IS true. Most of them work longer then their contract says and they hackf,eischverordnung not always getting paid for the over hours they are doing.

It made me think why this is so. Kennedy and a few others in our non-existent underground Lab. Those are always clean and nice, no doubt about that. I think English has too many words, over , in general, to hackfleischvdrordnung the same things. I understand that a lot of people in Germany look jealously at Berlin, because its poor and ugly but everyone wants to fucking live there.