NEW LIES FOR OLD The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation ANATOLIY GOLITSYN TO THE MEMORY OF Anna Akhmatova CONSCIENCE. New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation has 40 Golitsyn claims that the Soviet liberalisation was nothing than a tactic to. Anatoly Golitsyn. New Lies For Old. The Communist strategy of deception and Disinformation An ex-KGB officer warns how communist deception threatens.

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Western academics can be extremely valuable as analysts, provided they are lod accurate information. Harry rated it really liked it Jan 07, Although there was some initial scepticism at home, even in a few party organizations, both domestic and international pressures on the government were eased. They might become the victims of a new McCarthyism of the left.

The younger glitsyn, like Shelepin, wanted the kudos due to innovators. Kies function was to supervise and coordinate the work of departments concerned with internal order, like the KGB, the Ministry of the Interior, the prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Justice, and the law courts.

David Garber rated it liked it Jul 13, Larry rated it it was amazing Jun 04, Now, tell us about Mikhail Gorbachev and perhaps his apparently more credible — at least, in the eyes of the world and the media — successor, Boris Yeltsin.

The author therefore decided to publish his work with the intention of alerting a wider sector of world public opinion to the dangers as he sees them, in the hope of stimulating a new approach to the study of communism and of provoking a more coherent, determined and effective response to it by those who remain interested in the preservation of free goitsyn in the noncommunist world.


On the nrw, it represents a serious provocation that reduces the level of mutual trust. They expect that the West will now respond with a new Marshall Plan which will bring Western technology flooding in to the Soviet Union, promoting joint ventures and stimulating a restructuring of the Soviet economy along the lines of the revival of the German and Japanese economies golitsgn the Second World War.

Democratic systems, being more open and therefore inher- ently more stable politically, do not need disinformation to hide the internal crises that occur from time to time and the means by which they are resolved.

Despite the rejection of his views by many of our former colleagues, we continue to believe that the contents of this book are of the greatest importance and relevance to a proper understanding of contemporary events. Military cooperation would be included in this alignment and China might go so far as to offer bases in return for help in building up her military potential. An official Soviet publication partially confirms the exploitation of the movement and describes its end.

Because Washington overestimated the strength and aggressiveness of the Communist camp in the immediate post-war period, the United States adopted an inadequate defensive strategy of containment.

At the same time, he became further convinced that events continued to confirm the validity of his analysis, that the threat from international communism was not properly understood, and that this threat would shortly enter a new and more dangerous phase.

New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation

While working in its headquarters he attended evening classes at the University of Marxism-Leninism, from which he graduated in In the absence of a settled and consistent policy, it is not surprising that there should have been no centrahzed disinformation department in Soviet intelligence during the period.


Communist Grand Strategies and Western Illusions: Molotov and Malenkov emerged as the neww of the opposition.

But in fact goliitsyn will live in comfortable retirement in resort areas like the Crimea and the Caucasus. The Art of Betrayal: An attempt will be made in this book to explain, on the basis of the author’s inside information and new methodology, the role of the disinformation program and the techniques employed in it.

Anatoliy Golitsyn – Wikipedia

Golltsyn a period of policy implementation, real and artificial weaknesses in the system are emphasized; readjustments and solutions are presented as failures; ideological differences between communist and noncommunist systems are played down; calculated moderation in, and even some departures from, communist dogma are permitted; common features and common interests between communist and democratic systems are overemphasized or exaggerated; long-range communist objectives and coordinated action in pursuit of them are hidden.

Another possibility is that direct, secret communications links exist between the Soviet Union and China that are not accessible to golitssyn West.

General Griba-nov, issued an instruction to his staff to prepare operations to influence Western ambassadors in Moscow, in accordance with the requirements of the new policy. From to he studied in the counterintelligence faculty of the High Intelligence School; also, between and he completed a correspondence course with the High Diplomatic School.

After two decades of seeming rapprochement with Europe, they now turn the other way, expecting of course that the whole of Europe will follow in due time, whether by daylight saving regulation or by political standards.


Neuvostotiedustelu Suomessa — strategia ja toiminta, Jukka Seppinen. He managed to take for himself the credit for the exposure of Stalin’s crimes, to conceal his own use of Stalinist methods in the pursuit of power, and to distract attention from the nature of the opposition’s charges against him.


Japan, depending on whether it remains conservative or moves towards socialism, might join either combination. Although the manuscript has since been enlarged to cover the events of the last decade and revised as the underlying communist strategy became clearer to the author, the substance of the argument has changed little since They realized that further uncontrolled measures of de-Stalinization could give rise to more revisionism and popular unrest. To the world at large, the NEP meant that foreign industrialists were offered concessions in Soviet industry and invited to open businesses in Soviet Russia; that Soviet industrial enterprises were to be reorganized as trusts and operated on a profit basis; that smaller enterprises and properties could be owned by ol or private individuals; that money was back in use and private trade permitted; that restrictions on travel were relaxed; that emigres were encouraged to return under amnesty, while some Soviet citizens were goliteyn to emigrate; and neew Soviet diplomacy was seeking peaceful coexistence with the West.

Anatoliy Golitsyn

Rather, the communists are merely congratulating each other for the accomplishment of this great historic task of overwhelming the West, without the West realising at all what was going on! But the question should be asked: Conspiracy video on youtube. I submitted the text to the appropriate US authorities, who raised no objection to its publication on grounds of national security