In the design of integrated circuits, the most popular format for interchange is the Calma GDS II stream format (GDS II is a trademark of Calma Company, a wholly . Portions of the GDSII Stream Format Manual, Documentation No. B97E, Feb. , reprinted with permission of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., River. GDS II is a database file format which is the de facto industry standard for . The GDSII or Stream file format stores its information in records.

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Improvements and Enhancements since ? This option is deselected as the default. As a workaround it is possible to save polygons in multi-records and avoid that limit. The elements within braces must occur one or more times.


The following records are not supported by Stream Release 3. GDSII does not have the ability to empty a polygon or create a hole. The size, in layout units, for the text in the exported design.


GDSII limitations can affect how you design your layout. If this option is activated, that additional cell will streaj be visible in the LayoutEditor. Currently, the format is owned by Cadence Design Systems.

BOX [2D00] No data is present. By default the LayoutEditor keeps this number untouched.

In stream files created by non-Calma programs, this should be missing or all field should be 0. They sure did that with the layer numbers and data types. Required for Filtered format, and present only in Filtered Stream files. The name for the first reference library starts at byte 0 and the name of the second library starts at byte 45 decimal.

One or more Stream records 3. These records are built up of 16 bit words. Byte swapping is required when reading or writing integers with a little-endian machine, such as a VAX.

This is the one that seems to have never been used, so I’ll describe the eight byte real in a bit more detail. Also, there is a limit on the total amount of property data that may be associated with any one element: The value must be from 0 to See also the web site http: Neither the number of columns nor the number of rows may exceed 32, decimal and both are positive.


The latter can be viewed and manipulated with VTK compatible viewers, e. The value of the number is defined to be mantissa 16 exponent. The first is the size of a database unit in user units. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

GDSII – LayoutEditor Wiki

There may be more than one mask in a stream file. The code is 0x Contains four bytes which specify in database units the extension of a path outline beyond the last point of the path. I’ve noticed that some OK, many stream files that streeam originally written to disk using more modern software also pad the file to a multiple of bytes using NULL characters.

When this is selected, holes are converted to polygons. Objects in the cell are assigned to “layers” of the design. The translator can output polygons with holes as single-segment polygons with an extra edge added, or as separate polygons. This marks the end of shream structure.


This checksum is validated for the stored file in a second step to ensure that the GDSII file is correctly stored. Starts with name of the first library and is followed by the second. If the importer encounters elements on layers not present in the layer definition file, it will automatically add new layers. Possible types and values are: The value of the node type must be in the range of 0 to Bits 0 through 9 are reserved for future use and must be cleared.

The first most significant bit of the first byte is the sign, one means negative, 0 means positive. The third data type is a “Two-Byte Signed Integer”.