License Eucon Protocol to Third Party Manufacturers Allow other companies full access to the Eucon code base so they can develop next. It’s funny how people are asking SSL, Neve etc to integrate Eucon into their consoles without thinking that the reason AVID bought Euphonix. Everywhere this protocol is brought up, it’s highly praised. I don’t believe that Eucon is that much of a closed protocol anymore since Avid’s.

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It would be to drive an audio fader.

We’re considering buying an S3 control surface and would dearly like to be able to use it to control Max. I found this http: So how is that useful, you may ask? At 10 bit you have 0. Find More Posts by Shan. Is that not enough? Find More Posts by musicbynumbers. It does allot of great things…you can detach faders, have one of the faders follow the currently highlighted channel, etc.

Euphonix EuCon Control Protocol Integrated Into MIO Console

Originally Posted by RBowlin I certainly hope so. It has been left in the software for legacy purposes. I am rather sure you eudon easily wiretap into it and decode the relevant parts quickly. I don’t think so I love the size too. Send a private message to RBowlin.

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EuCon protocol support is now available for: So, after all, it still seems a little complex, right? I certainly hope so. Their revolutionary product called the Raven comes in several shapes and sizes and prices but they all essentially provide a similar set of features. Instead of the classic console-like shape of the controller why not have a huge touch-screen and be able to touch Pro Tools directly without the need of another app to bridge the gap?

Wucon mentioned many daws support their hardware I am wondering the possibilities of a couple things with it, 1. Here is where hui is not enough.

So nickname it something different.

You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I’ll tell you what his ‘pinions is. It’s probably not that hard, and at some point, there may be touch-screen apps to control EuCon aware applications.

Hui will be phased out by avid. The MIDI-Bus is simply to slow and the potocol methods for querying and setting parameters are too limited.

However for most users out there, users like me, to spend thousands on a control surface that is so complex to use seems quite counterproductive. I think the big issue is there is only one company out their making eucon hardware controlers, AVID.


This one simple feature kills a lot of controller possibilities. Open-source Eucon hardware would be a great addition to diy I would love for DP to be able to see one of these rpotocol as a Eucon surface with the Eucon interactiveness.

As I see it, the only way you can end up in trouble is if you market it under the Eucon name. The functionality and looks of TouchDAW is super impressive considering the price tag — however after trying it in multiple projects I stopped using it as I realized it just took so much more time to use that instead of the mouse and keyboard.

New EuCon Software For Euphonix MC Pro & System 5-MC DAW Controllers – ProSoundWeb

EUCON includes the following features and benefits: Send a private message to airon. Learn about our user conference Expo ’74 Coming in April As long as eucon is in the daw then any automation upgrades are basically unnecessary. I see that Behringer has just come out with a couple of small moving fader controllers “X-Touch” that are affordable, but they look like they have just implemented HUI protocol, which I find pretty limited.


As long as it is protocoo great mixing tool, is it that important that it is identical to the original? March 23, Geoff Waddington I protoocol. But human jitter is more in the 8bit range here Zam. All this menu layers can get quite confusing and get peotocol attention away from your work.

Future Sonar Support for EuCon Protocol? | Cakewalk Forums

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? My question is if there is already an external, which handles communication with eucon -enabled software logic, sequoia, nuendo, etc and provides an path-system similar to m4l. Find More Posts by Nick Morris. March 20,ejcon However, the people from SSL endorsed this product and I think they might have a pretty good idea about how an SSL console should sound.

The Avid Artist Mix. In my automated fader proto I use 12 bit ADDA, for the moment due to jitter I run 9bit, but it’s a PTP proto with long and non shielded wire, i think I will end up at 10bit step and with some luck at 11bit.