Yet such is the enviable record of Early Writings of Ellen G. White. Through the years there have been many printings of the several editions. It now appears in a. Brothers & Sisters, now is the time to get out of the big cities. It should be now and not later. H O M E M A I N O V E R A L L I N D E X. other Topics for. This volume is a comprehensive selection of Ellen G. White’s published writings from the s, along with a prologue explaining the historical.

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By faith in God I was able to resist his influence, so that it did not affect egs in the least. The First Advent of Christ. Its branches bowed to the place where we stood, and the fruit was glorious; it looked like gold mixed with silver.

Early Writings of Ellen G. White (Christian Home Library)

It should be now and not later. In other words, most of us are programmed to pull the strings for those who enslave us. I then gave him liberty to mesmerize me if he could. Is my robe spotless? Val rated it it was amazing May 18, The light behind them went out, leaving their feet in perfect darkness, and they stumbled and lost sight of the mark and of Jesus, and fell off the path down into the dark and wicked world below.


Those who eat of the fruit of this land go back to earth no more. I then rejoiced, and told them what God had revealed to me alone, where no mortal could influence me. And I saw a table of pure silver; it was many miles in length, yet our eyes could extend over it.

I looked again, and saw that they were united at the top in one tree. To ask other readers questions about Early Writings of Ellen G. If I had a vision in meeting, many would say that it was excitement and that someone mesmerized me.

There were but two houses on the island, and it proved that we were near one of them, but not the one where we wished to go. The knowledge and counsel received through these revelations she wrote out to be shared with others.

We all entered the cloud together, and were seven days ascending to the sea of glass, when Jesus brought eyw crowns, and with His own right hand placed them on our heads. The Time of Trouble. Oh, thought I, has it come to this that those who honestly go to God alone to plead His promises and to claim His salvation, are to be charged with being under the foul and soul-damning influence of mesmerism? This light shone all along dgw path and gave writinhs for their feet so that they might not stumble.


We all in solemn silence gazed on the cloud as it drew nearer and became lighter, glorious, and still more glorious, till it was a great white cloud. The Church and the World United.

I took the Bible writing readily turned to all the texts that I had seen upon the card. Oh, that I could talk in the language of Canaan, then could I tell a little of the glory of the better world. Writing Jesus at our head we all descended from the city down to this earth, on a great and mighty mountain, which could not bear Jesus up, and it parted asunder, and there was a mighty plain.

Early Writings of Ellen G. White by Ellen G. White

Laini rated it it was amazing Oct 02, Introduction [by Roswell F. The Disciples of Christ. At the first resurrection all came forth in immortal bloom; but at the second the marks of the curse are visible on all.

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I wept when I found myself here, and felt homesick. Here on the sea of glass thestood in a perfect square. This volume is a comprehensive selection of Ellen G.

Different times were repeatedly set for the Lord to come and were urged upon the brethren; but the Lord showed me that they would all pass by, for the time of trouble must come before the coming of Christ, and that every time that was set and passed by would only weaken the faith of God’s people.

While at family prayers one morning, the power of God began to rest upon me, and the thought rushed into my mind that it was mesmerism, and I resisted it. Cisco rated it it was amazing Aug 21, Later views have been more full.