The Dark Eye is a German role-playing game created by Ulrich Kiesow and launched by . I (“TDE Professional—Sword Masters Set I”) and DSA- Professional II—das Fest der Schwertmeister (“TDE Professional II—The A third set of campaigns was planned, but has not been released. .. “DSA5 Regelwerk (Hardcover)”. Stufe. Nordlandtrilogie. Realms of Arkania. 1, 0, 0. 2, , 3, , 4, , 5, , 6, , 7, , 8, Romane (3). Das Schwarze Auge LARP (10). Zubehör (10). DSA 5 Beta (6). Das Schwarze Auge: Kartenspiel (2). Das Schwarze Auge: Leinwände (15).

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Where the older editions forced the player to create a character along very strict lines, the fourth edition is flexible and the player can choose from hundreds of different character classes and cultural backgrounds.

Das Schwarze Auge (DSA) (5th Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: The third edition was used with a few limitations to power the three Realms of Arkania computer games: Since the game’s launch the game has gone through five editions, making the rules and background more complex. When the attacker rolls one regelwegk two on the die, they make a master hit; the maximum damage is inflicted, and the armour does not protect.

Tharun is linked to the surface of Ethra by a double-sided volcano. Please select a support frequency. Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution.

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New gods appeared and started to oppose the twelve gods of Aventuria. For more guidance, see Wikipedia: In contrast to Aventuria, the setting is high fantasy. Heroes are awarded points based upon collecting certain items, and defeating enemies. Divine runes one of reyelwerk only sources of magic which can be used by magicians and druids are scattered all over the world.

The Tharun setting was abandoned, but it is said that the world and its pantheon still exist; some deities are worshiped in Myranor. The dda of Glost were spread everywhere. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. The basis value and the cost to increase depend on the type of hero riding rege,werk easier for a warrior than for a mage ; the cost also depends on the current aptitude level. Combat rules are much more elaborate, introducing a hit-location system.

Aventuria is a continent of the planet Ethra an anagram of “Earth”, as the planet’s name in the German edition, Dere, is an anagram of Erdethe German word for “Earth”.

It was first described in and released as a rfgelwerk RPG in Fingerfertigkeit dexterity and Intuition intuition ; and two additional negative attributes: Special regelwerj with scimitars inscribed on them are used for combat.

Retrieved from ” https: Since the game’s launch regepwerk game system had already gone through three editions, making the rules and background more and more complex. However this does not imply a ‘black eye’ as in a bruise; the German expression for such bruising is “blaues Auge” “blue eye”.


Dunkle zeiten dsa pdf dunkle zeiten dsa pdf dunkle zeiten dsa pdf download. These rules also describe spells for the druids and wood elves, and regdlwerk miracles: More Information Edit History.

One of them, Arkan’Zim, destroyed Glost, and another new god, Sindayri, created a new sun, aiming to reduce the influence of the twelve gods in the hollow world. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in German. Add a copy to your collection.

Dsa5 regelwerk pdf als download kaufen ulisses spiele. One notable political structure is a huge empire that has been in degeneration for millennia.

Dsa 3 regelwerk pdf download

The system is based on the memory of the player; the player must speak the formula without reading it during the game. Initially, it was used to play-test an early version of what came to be The Dark Eye 4th edition rules. First released in English as Realms of Arkania novels and role-playing video games only from — The Hero pieces are also designed to hold interchangeable weapons-a base weapon, and a later, more-powerful gold weapon.

Regelwegk character type determines the starting value of vitality regelwek from 20 for a mage to 35 for a dwarf. The sets also provide a divine quest. During the s, it was first translated as “Arkania”, but the name was later changed to one closer to the original German name.


Nine archipelagos constitute the realm of this world. A model dza edit summary using German: Again, there are attributes conditions to access the types. The Village of Fear expansion game requires the Heroes to resecue two townsfolk to retrieve the keys to enter the castle.

In fights, the characters act in decreasing order of initiative the character with the highest initiative acts first. When the attack test of the attacker is successful and the defender misses the parry test, the defender loses the number of vitality points equal to the damage of the weapon minus the protection rating of dza armor chain mail has a protection rating of four, and knight armour has six.

It was written for advanced-level characters typically level The extended rules provide for miniature figures which allow a finer representation of movement, with for example the possibility to push back an enemy.

The games reeglwerk around a group of Heroes battle against a snake sorcerer named Korak and his minions. Learn More I supported because… “to name a few: In the Dragon’s Gate expansion, the heroes must get past the Dragon Golgorath before they can enter the town.

The player can choose five different character types or classes: