Diadynamic therapy is a type of electrotherapy which uses certain parameters of electric current: sine-wave current at the frequency of 50– Hz. The current is. Didynamic Currents. It is basically a variation of sinusoidal currents. Sinusoidal currents are alternating low frequency currents, having frequency of 50 Hz and. Diadynamic current MF. Diadynamic currents are unidirectional currents, what’s more, until recently, they were applied with the superposition.

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It is also an efficient means of exciting nerve fibers. Parameters and waveform Diadynamic currents are based on a sine wave with a frequency of 50Hz.

Some key reference materials are copied below for your information. We think you have liked this presentation. Muscle re-education Increase local circulation. Given the long pulse duration, uncomfortable nature of the stimulation and minimal specific research, it is difficult to determine the actual advantage over any other kind of electrical stimulation at equivalent pulse frequencies.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. LP has a long lasting analgesic effect.

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Diadynamic Current Dr. Mohammed Taher Ahmed edu

It can be used for faradic stimulation of the muscle and as a test for motor nerve excitability. The more complex patterns CP and LP are derived currenf some manipulation of these two basec waveforms.

LP waveform is very similar and it gives much the same results. This factor is important in the treatment of posttraumatic and peripheral circulatory disorders. Treatments are especially effective when dealing with not very severe pain, but disruptive in nature due to currentt chronicity.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. The analgesic effect of diadynamic currents is based on determining a limit at which the current diarynamic is becoming painful.

OK Infrared Radiation Prof. Therapeutic Exercise The long term goal is to return the injured athlete to practice or competition as quickly and safely.

The patient feels a strong vibration for longer time than the sensation of Currnt. Facilitation of tissue healing. In the treatment of pain syndromes, a particular sequence is recommended: The abbreviations used for these different currents relate to the original French terms: Monopolar technique; in which the anode applied over pain spot area and the cathode may be applied; Proximal on the limb Over nerve root supplying painful area.


Diadynamic currents are mixed currrnt, which use effects of the concurrent application of galvanic and faraday, or other impulse-like currents.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Vasotropic Application Diavynamic the vascular paths affected the circulatory disorders being treated. At present, there are many other currents, which are more sophisticated as well as safer for the patient and easier to apply such as interferential currents.

Reduction of muscle tone Muscle hyperaemia Conclusions: Not more than 12 minutes; each type for 3 minutes.

This can be over come by short period of application or reversible of polarity. Method of performing treatment.

Direct Currents Characterized by a continuous flow of electrons in one direction Characterized by a continuous flow of electrons. This practice is as old as medicine itself.

Diadynamic Currents

The galvanic current component is combined with impulse component. In the diagram below, MF is a half wave rectification which will deliver 50 pulses per second, delivering 10ms pulses with a 10ms interval. A wide range of Electrotherapy Courses are delivered throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide with varying content, aims and duration. Some common answers to the most frequently asked questions on Electrotherapy, particularly in the area didaynamic Contraindications.

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We think you have liked this presentation. It is used for treatment of pain without muscle spasm. Electrical Agents Chapter 5. Registration Forgot your password? To keep the risk of skin damage to minimum, treatment time should be limited to ten minutes.

Nerve Trunk Application The two electrodes are placed along the course diadyhamic the peripheral nerve trunk where it is superficial. Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Tim Watson Some common answers to the most frequently asked questions on Electrotherapy, particularly in the area of Contraindications. MF current with the frequency of 50 Hz causes hypertonia. Mohammed Taher Ahmed edu”— Presentation transcript: It is used for the initial treatment and before application of other currents.