No abstract is available for this content at the moment. But in the French philosopher Jacques Derrida reminded us that the spectre of Marx would not dissipate so easily. It turns out he was right. Jacques Derrida Specters of Marx The State of the Debt, the Work of .. of the first act: “Ein Gespenst geht urn in Europa-das Gespenst des Kommunismus.

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This second volume contains selected conference essays by Ashot K.

HAU Hebbel am Ufer

This then is the sunset that from now on accompanies every thinker, a strange funereal moment which the philo- sophical spirit celebrates in an exaltation that is, moreover, often joyful, leading its slow funeral procession during which it expects, in one way or another, to obtain its resurrection.

We are questioning in this instant, we are asking ourselves about this instant that is not docile to time, at least to what we call time. The question is indeed “whither? Is the future now to be simply a choice between Scandinavian- style social democracy on the one hand, and unrestrained free market capitalism on the other?

Derrida, Jacques – Specters of Marx | Maryanne Moll –

He would especially like to wrest it away from that experience of vengeance whose idea, he rerrida, remains “the opinion of those who equate the Just das Gerechte with the Avenged das Geriichte. Among the central contested issues: But people are now afraid that they will no longer recognize it. Whereas the English translation speaks of the “alchemist’s apparitions” “The liquid form of wealth and its petrification, the elixir of life and the philosophers’ stone are wildly mixed together like an alchem- ist’s apparitions”the French translation drops the reference to ghosts spuken alchimistisch toll durcheinander with the phrase “fantasmagorie d’une folIe achimie.


Which are never very far from the specter. Are its comings and gOings ordered according to the linear succession of a before and an after, between a present-past, a present-present, and a present-future, between a “real time” and a “deferred time” If there is something like spectrality, there are reasons to doubt this reassuring order of presents and, espeCially, the border between the present, the actual or present reality of the present, and everything that can be opposed to absence, non-presence, non-effectivity, inactuality, virtuality, or even the simulacrum in general, and so forth.

To live, by definition, is not something one derrjda. The armor may be but the body of a real artifact, a kind of technical prosthesis, a body foreign to the spectral body that it dresses, dissimulates, and protects, masking derriva its identity. An inheritance is never gathered together, it is never one with itself Its presumed unity, if there is one, can consist only in the injunc- tion to reaffirm by choosing.

There would be neither injunction nor promise without this disjunction. And this one was Kant qui genuit Hegel, qui genuit Marx, qui genuit.

Violence of the law before the law and before meaning, violence that interrupts time, disarticulates it, dislodges it, displaces it out of its natural lodging: Inversely, Marcellus was perhaps anticipating the coming, one day, one night, several centuries later, of another “scholar. Still more precisely, everything begins in the imminence of a re-apparition, but a reapparition of the specter as apparition for the first time in the play.


Product details Perfect Paperback Publisher: What is to be the geapenster of Marxist social goals that informed so many Marxist thinkers and social revolutionaries throughout the world-the egalitarian distribution of income, increased work- place democracy, the end of economic explOitation and the eradication of class differences-given the current rush to vari- ous forms of capitalism in Eastern Europe, Russia, and China?

In the occult society of those who have sworn together [des conjures], certain subjects, either individual or collective, represent forces and ally themselves together in the name of common interests to combat a dreaded gespfnster adver- sary, that detrida, also to conjure it away For to conjure means also to exorcise: And yet nothing is more necessary than gepenster wisdom. II Yves Bonnefoy’s translation appears to be the safest.

No, someone in him.

But he takes the time to analyze, never- theless, the derria alchemy, he denounces the reversal of values, the falsification and especially the perjury of which it is the law. Will we ever know? The chapter on “The Leipzig Council-Saint Max, also supplies, and we will say more about this later, a short treatise on the spirit or an interminable theatricalization of ghosts. The assassins themselves proclaimed that they were out to get a communist. About thirty-five years ago, then, Maurice Blanchot devoted an article, “The End of Philosophy,” degrida a good half-dozen books from the ‘5 Os.


But maintaining now [maintenant] without conjuncture. If it is difficult. Nothing will ever give us any insurance against this risk, still less against this feeling. gespensfer

Specters of Marx – Wikipedia

To put it too qUickly and to formalize in the extreme the stakes: What was derida consistency? Then to Phyrnia and Timandra who ask for gold-and whether Timon has any more: For this reason, the example thus disjoined separates enough from itself or from whoever gives it so as to be no longer or not yet example for itself. It is a first, the first time on stage. The future can only be for ghosts. Beyond the esthetico-psychoanalytic, this trace of the tragic calls us to thinking, on the basis of the interpretation of the Being of being, the didonai diken.

The same question had already sounded. Return to Marx, let’s finally read him as a great philosopher. They disorganize themselves as well through the very effect of the specter, because of the Cause that is called the original and that, gespemster all ghosts, addresses same-Iy disparate demands, which are more than contradictory.

As a coroner might do, it certifies the death but here it is in order to inflict it.