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The Holzapfel Group plates zinc-nickel according to the following standards: VW TL , DBL , Opel GME , GMW , BMW GS and DIN. The Holzapfel Group plates zinc iron according to the following standards: VW TL , DBL , BMW G , GME , GMW , DIN Zinc-iron. specification DBL 17 which details that a 10 to 15 micron deposit should provide NSS. 9 protection of hours with no zinc and hours with no red.

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Distribution as well as distribution of pages without permission of DaimlerChrysler AG is not permitted. Any contamination on the surface of the parts to b treated corrosion products or scale, oil, grease, dirt etc. Additional DaimlerChrysler standards required: The corrosion resistance test is dbbl to have been passed when each respective requirement in the tables of this DBL is complied with.

Dip Spin Specifications

Zinc-nickel black blackcor Learn more. Technical Special Nickel Plating Learn more. Although the End-of-Life Vehicle Act does not currently apply to heavy-duty trucks or buses, for reasons of variant reduction in new designs, consideration should be given to also specifying Cr VI free surfaces for commercial vehicle parts. The ideal heat treatment s used for a part temperature, duration, operating sequence shall be ascertained and stated in the ISIR initial sample inspection report.

As ofit is therefore necessary for these types of systems to be delivered chromium VI -free in accordance with this DBL, without the functional properties of the components being impaired by dnl or altered in any way.


In exceptional cases unavoidable dbk of property class The stated requirement values — transferred to the procedure of this DBL — are in many cases comparable and currently represent state-of-the-art technology. Process assessment shall be safeguarded by means of component tests. May this DBL, without the functional properties of the components being impaired or altered in any way.

Pickling Polishing, mechanical Sand blasting.

sbl For safety-critical fasteners, property class acc. Damage to the coating through improper handling of the parts after electroplating, e. Our surfaces From anti-corrosion surfaces to innovative processes in minimised variations – learn more about our wide range of products View our surface coatings.

Steel and powdered metals are the metals most usually plated. Page 9 DBL Pure zinc coatings, and high-alloy zinc-alloy coatings ZnNi are used for metallic base coatings. Before commencement of production deliveries, the coater shall determine and record the complete pre-treatment and coating process, the physical data treatment periods, temperatures 845 the composition of all process chemicals, and, if required, optimize them.

The resulting measures shall be specified by the coater. Otherwise the use of fast-to-handle lubricants for threaded parts shall be examined. Vogel Stuttgart Department: No chipping and blistering of the coat is allowed. A sufficient number of in-process preloading tests on suitable hydrogen sensitive samples shall be used as the basis for establishing the suitability of the process for coating critical components. Use this fbl to get in dbll with your contact person at Holzapfel!


For this reason, alongside the corrosion protection, attention shall also be paid to any possible changes in surface-specific functional properties in comparison to coatings containing Cr VI. While chromating is produced from solutions containing Cr VI and the chromating on the workpiece may therefore also contain Cr VIthe term passivation refers to chromium VI -free corrosion protection.

Chrome plating gloss, dbo Learn more. Customer benefits Learn more about the added value you get by working together with Holzapfel Group To the customer benefits. In addition to this, the coater is expected to assess the process in detail FMEA with regard to all sub-stages, in which hydrogen could ingress into the material structure. Reference to DBL omitted? A uniform appearance of the surface shall also be provided in a passivated and, where applicable, sealed condition.

Don’t fill this field! Chromium Dbk -compounds could be used in the past in the intermediate layer between the metallic coating and an organic finish. Zinc-nickel black blackcor Learn more.


This usually also serves to remove any interference color. SS individual anodisation Anodised individual hybrid Partial plus anodisation.

Hand-held laser medical technology. Technical Special Nickel Plating Learn more.

Dip Spin Specifications

Zinc-nickel flexible fleXXcor Zinc-iron black blackcor. Our surfaces From anti-corrosion surfaces to innovative processes in minimised variations – learn more about our wide range of products View our surface coatings.

Production, joining and surface-treatment methods shall be executed such that any damage through delayed hydrogen-induced brittle fracture can be ruled out with a high degree of certainty. The reaction always causes the coating to dissolve partially approx. Protection against base metal corrosion: Zinc-nickel platings are normally used if the traditional zinc-plating process is insufficient, due to high temperatures or aggressive environmental conditions.


Essential areas shall be designated on a drawing by means of a dot-and-dash line.

Headquarters of the Holzapfel Group Ebl Zinc-nickel fleXXcorr Chrome for automotive applications Copper-nickel-chrome Solderable electroless nickel plating Sinter Surface Solutions Impregnating and plating locking disc.

To the customer benefits. As ofthis DBL therefore requires that these types of systems be delivered chromium VI -free in accordance with this DBL, without the functional properties of the components being impaired by it or altered in any way. These types of coatings have been specified since with substrates made of pure zinc and since with base coatings made of zinc-nickel in DBL and standardized since in DIN With regard to screws and 841, these requirement exceptions are generally applicable to the shank and thread.

Functional nickel Learn more. Approval for usage, following testing, shall be decided by each responsible component manager, taking rbl the aspects that affect the component’s function and durability into account.