Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology. David Graeber. David Graeber. Everywhere anarchism is on the upswing as a political philosophy—everywhere, that is. Fragments of an anarchist anthropology BY DAVID GRAEBER Graeber’s short and self-consciously fragmentary book rehearses critiques of capitalism. Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology has ratings and 95 reviews. Liz said: the bits about actual anthropology were good but I wanted more of an a.

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Graeber offers several possibilities why anthropologists are reluctant to come out and make normative judgments and proposals: Incidentally, his description This was another assigned book, and one my professor had raved about reading. Short enjoyable read about many things.

Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology

Graeber argues that anthropologists are the only ones who have the necessary knowledge to challenge the current ideological establishment.

Jun 30, Sharad Pandian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Unlike the communist project which aims to take over the means to rid the system of its internal contradictions and enhance the lives of workers, Graeber is a lot less ambitious and forthcoming about the future, to his credit.


Tea rated it it was amazing Shelves: The ending was particularly strong and nice. And is the assumption of an organic movement where everyone is assumed to be rational sustainable in the world we live in, where misinformation and foolishness seem so rampant?

A bit small and incoherent and reminded me of Bakunin’s writings. I have thought something was wrong about globalization, it is described here.

Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology – The Pinocchio Theory

Greek, Latin, or German. As I’ve said, it’s largely incohere A bit small and incoherent and reminded me of Bakunin’s writings. Essentially, the reader can expect to gain a good intuitive understanding of what this entire field of study ought to do, which is a miracle for such a short book. For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: One Autonomist historian, Yann Moulier Xnthropology, has even argued that the history of capitalism has been a series of attempts to solve the problem of worker mobility—hence the endless elaboration of institutions like indenture, slavery, coolie systems, contract workers, guest workers, innumerable forms of border control—since, if the system ever really came close to its own fantasy version of itself, in which workers were free to hire on and quit their work wherever and whenever they wanted, the entire system anarcbist collapse.


Before economies with money and markets, there were not “barter” economies, as is generally assumed.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Steve Keen -the australian guru-economist – has recommended his book on debt. Indeed, the fantasy that it might, that the human condition, desire, morality, can all be somehow resolved seems to be an especially dangerous one, an image of utopia which always seems to lurk somewhere behind the pretensions of Power and the state.

The dismantling of the welfare state in the US and other Western countries over the last quarter-century has not led to more opportunities for self-organization and empowerment, but quite the contrary. This is social theory written in a style you could discuss in the pub – as long as you’re still sober enough to follow the arguments!

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mar 06, Laura Patru rated it it was amazing. The amarchist globalization is really “anti-globalization”.

Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology by David Graeber

Views Read Edit View history. Objectors claim that no large anarchist organization has ever provided us with a model of social sustainability.

I think I read it twice back-to-back because I loved it so much and because it’s such an accessible and concise introduction.

Therefore the potential is already elucidated. Graeber did postgraduate work with tribal cultures in Madagascarincluding one with the Tsimihety in the northwest of the country. They have not involved challenging power head on this usually leads to being slaughtered, or if not, turning into some—often even uglier—variant of the very thing one first challenged but from one or another strategy of slipping away from its grasp, from flight, desertion, the founding of new communities.


Graves, Brown, Mauss, Sorel Section 3: Affinity group Synthesis anarchism Platformism.

Graeber wants to ally the discipline of anthropology with the anarchist currents that have shown up, most recently, in the anti-globalization movement. Twitter Tweets by ChicagoDistrib. No trivia or quizzes yet. It is also because the practice of ethnography provides at least something of a model, if a very rough, incipient model, of how nonvanguardist revolutionary intellectual practice might work.

Each, he says, has a lot to offer the other. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Before reading Graeber, I hadn’t encountered anything similar.