Lower elevations are generally forested by White Spruce and Subalpine Fir. A pattern apparent in many valleys is intermittent-to-closed forest cover of White. Mean annual. BOREAL CORDILLERA ECOZONE. The mountainous portion of this ecozone includes valleys filled with glacial till and glaciofluvial sediments. Cordillera/ Boreal_Cordillera_Ecozone_(CEC).

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HalifaxMoncton and Charlottetown are examples of larger communities. The total population of this area is only a few hundred people. Ponderosa pines are indicators of such local climates, and these trees merge into adjacent grasslands and deserts.

Their nesting grounds are fairly safe in this remote area, and there are abundant insects for food. Some operations related to petroleum reserves are present.

Boreal Cordillera Ecozone by Game So on Prezi

Wetland vegetation can vary from sedges, mosses, grasses and trees, depending on the wetland type. Just over eight per centkm 2 of Canada’s land mass is contained in this ecozone. Fish species include lake trout and whitefish, burbot and northern pike. Most of the population and all the agriculture are confined to the less abundant coastal plains.


In the northern reaches of this ecozone, the average annual temperature is below The main materials that cover the land surfaces tend to follow an orderly pattern.

Sperm whales are found offshore. The term “prairies” has almost become synonymous with the landforms that dominate the landscape, i. Upper elevations near treelines are dominated by deciduous shrubs, mainly scrub birch and willows.

The ponds of the area are rich in life, eczoone turtlessnakesmudpuppies, frogssalamanders and toads. The overall area receives up to 3, mm of precipitation per year. Saskatchewan is heavily dependent on river flows and precipitation for agricultural production photo by Menno Fieguth. Mammals include muskox, wolf, arctic fox and bears artwork by Autumn Downey.

At a certain level trees no longer survive, although a wide variety of flowers is seen. Contrary to popular belief, the North receives little snow.

Boreal Cordillera Ecozone by Skye Thompson on Prezi

At the highest elevations bare rock, snow and ice prevail. Billions of black fliesmosquitoes and wood ticks make their home in the forests and surrounding areas, often making life miserable for wild animals as well as humans. The Atlantic Ocean has a moderating influence on the climate, which is cool and moist. The Pinhorn Grazing Reserve corillera mixed grassland vegetation and spear grass.

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Ecological land classification series, No. Although this cordillega is much corddillera urbanized than the Pacific Maritime ecozone, more than half of its density 1. Spanning the shorelines of three of the Great Lakes, this ecozone includes important aquatic ecosystems, industrial complexes, and recreation areas. The prairies are also important for their mineral industry, particularly fossil fuels.

The climate is very cold and arid.

Natural Regions

It is characterized by tall peaks and extensive plateau. Few birds stay the winter.

Soils are formed mainly in the few narrow valley bottoms. The mountain systems are lower and more subdued than the Coast and southeastern mountains. In these coastal forests are some of the tallest, oldest and most productive trees in Canada. Soil types follow a similar pattern, being nonexistent on mountain ridges and becoming forested soils i.

The Boreal Cordillera to the west is marked by mountainous terrain and the Boreal Shield to the east ecoozne rocky and hilly terrain.


Where the soil material is derived from shales or sandstones, the cover and types of species are better. The Mackenzie River discharge is perhaps the only significant exception.