Overview, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this work deals with two of the most important books of the New Testament. Hebrews Overview, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this work deals with two of the most important books of the New Testament. Hebrews 12 Commentary, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this work deals with two of the most important books of the New Testament.

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Faith discerns that God’s heart is filled with love toward us, even when His hand is heavy and smarts upon us.

Overview – A.W. Pink’s Commentary on John and Hebrews

Henceforth he was to be a man without a home on earth, but seeking one in Heaven, and treading that path which alone leads thither. Chastisement is designed for our good, to promote our highest interests.

But is not salvation a free gift? His effectual command, as throughout Genesis 1: How, then, is the Christian to conduct himself in the fires? And naught but the vigorous activity of faith will fortify the mind under religious persecution.



Thus his a.w.pink of the ark was the work of faith and patience, a labor of Godly fear, an act of obedience, a means to his preservation—for God’s covenant with him Genesis 6: He was regarded as a low-born fanatic.

During that fight he meets with many discouragements and receives numerous wounds. That word “such” is also added to awaken our wonderment and worship. The first effect is that faith makes things which are not but only are hoped forafter a sort, to subsist and to be present with the believer: Enoch’s walk with God must come before any service which is pleasing to Him.

Hebrews Overview – A.W. Pink’s Commentary on John and Hebrews

Perhaps a reader says, “But I have prayed and prayed, and yet the dark clouds have not lifted. We, too, should honestly face the same alternative: Faith works towards obedience by commanding the affections” Thomas Manton, A Hebtews to Steadfastness.

Without a doubt such must be the case.

First, the tried and troubled saint is bidden to consider Him who was called upon to pass through a far rougher and deeper sea of suffering than any which His followers encounter, and this contemplation of Him is urged “lest we be wearied and faint in our minds” verse 3. We trust that the solution of the difficulty will be more evident as we proceed with our exposition of the verse. He is “the Song of Solomon” and being one with Him, members of His body, they were “sons” too.

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That the world was thus framed out of a.w.plnk, out of no pre-existent matter, contrary to the received maxim, that out of nothing nothing can be made, which, though true of created power, can have no place with God, who can call things that are not as if they were, and command them into being. The Greek word for “consider” is not the same as the one used in Hebrews 3: In verses 12the apostle had exhorted unto a patient or persevering pressing forward in the path of faith and obedience. As we said at the beginning, Satan ever seeks to take advantage of our trials: Let Christian employees ponder Ephesians 6: Observe that both of these figures speak of hebreqs processes: Let us regard it as natural that we should be daily rebuked and corrected.

The tendency of strong and lasting opposition and persecution is to discourage, which if yielded unto leads to despair.


Consider his relationship to you: The father of a family does not concern himself much about those on the outside of his household: Christ the High Priest Continued. This “race” calls for both the doing and suffering for Christ, the pressing forward toward the mark set before us, the progressing from one degree of strength to another, the putting a.w.pink of our utmost efforts, the enduring unto the end.

No doubt he lived his life after the same manner as his fellows—content with the “husks” which the swine feed upon, with little or no serious thoughts of the Hereafter. From this point onwards God’s dealings with men were virtually confined to Abraham and his posterity.