Anatoly T. Fomenko History: Fiction or Science? Apocalypse was written after a.d. Dr Prof Anatoly Fomenko and team dissect Almagest of “ancient”. Fomenko states, is that human history only stretches back to around CE. Most of what we call ancient history (before ) is a modern invention. We have. The New Chronology is a pseudohistorical theory which argues that the conventional . In volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of History: Fiction or Science?, Fomenko and his . In at the Moscow International Book Fair, Anatoly Fomenko with his.

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Well, those are the implications, as I see them anyhow. The concept is most fully explained in History: Further, the theory is Russocentric diminishing achievements of other cultures and claiming major civilization accomplishments as Russian and by proposing a giant “Russian Horde” empire and eliminating historical time before its existence. Retrieved 9 October Archived from the fojenko PDF on But we still have a chance to restore the truth.

He also alleges undue cooperation between physicists and archaeologists in obtaining the dates, since most radiocarbon dating labs histlry accept samples with an age estimate suggested by historians or archaeologists. I’ve searched; can’t find em. But until now there is no answer to the question: In a somewhat similar manner, Fomenko compares two dynasties of rulers using statistical methods. The dates obtained agree with the accepted chronology.

Be the hidtory one to write a review. Fomenko’s studies ignore the abundance of dated astronomical records in cuneiform texts from Mesopotamia. Experimental test of the maxima correlation principle”.

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Der Mythos von der Geburt des Helden in German. In contrast, according to the available primary sources, Pope Gregory VII lived for at least 60 years and was born 8 years after the death of Fomenko’s John-the-Baptist equivalent John Crescentius. In at the Moscow International Book Fair, Anatoly Fomenko with his coauthor Gleb Nosovsky were awarded for their books on “New Chronology” the anti-prize called “Abzatz” literally ‘paragraph’, a Russian slang word meaning ‘disaster’ or ‘fiasco’ in the category “Pochotnaya bezgramota” the term is a pun upon “Pochotnaya gramota” Certificate of Honor and may be translated either “Certificate of Dishonor” or literally, “Respectable Illiteracy” for the worst book published in Russia.

For the New Chronologists, peoples such as the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Mongolsand others who assert their national independence from Russia, are suffering from a historical delusion.

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Astronomical data therein contained is sufficient for unique dating. The whole concept of Israel in the Middle East is bullshit.

Full text of “Anatoly Fomenko Books”

Book from the collections of unknown library. Chapters II, III and IV contain abundant astronomical proof from the ancient Fomenkp zodiacs, Ptolemy’s Almagest, and the Apocalypse, demonstrating that all datings of ‘ancient’ eclipses are either medieval or fake.

Constantinople againRome in Italy, and Moscow. Then he corrected it, taking out the duplicate dynasties — the Eastern Roman Empire, for example. For example, one of the properties is the way of death: Critics point out that Fomenko’s discussion of astronomical phenomena tends to be selective, choosing isolated examples that support the New Chronology and ignoring the large bodies of data that provide statistically supported evidence for the conventional dating.


However, Kasparov does not support the reconstruction part of the New Chronology.

This is some wild stuff. An important property is the length of the rule. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Or histtory piece of it anyhow.

Retrieved 3 May Fomenko claims the Hagia Sophia is actually the biblical Temple of Solomon. The New Chronology is a pseudohistorical theory which argues that the conventional chronology of Middle Eastern and Hiistory history is fundamentally flawed, and that events attributed to the civilizations of the Roman EmpireAncient Greece and Ancient Egypt actually occurred during the Middle Agesmore than a thousand years later. In museums all over the world the unique showpieces — eyewitnesses of the past epochs are kept.

Newton’s analysis has since been criticized as suffering “from two fundamental defects. Chronology 1 [Second edition]. The Biblical Jerusalem fictino identified with the mediaeval Constantinople.

History Fiction or Science? Chronology 1

Astrophysics and Space Science vol. If you have the films, getting a professional to create English subtitle files for them is always an option wallet willing, of course. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. How the ancient warriors could cut their enemies with bronze swords, if there was no bronze at that time? Intogether with a few colleagues from the mathematics department of Moscow State Universityhe published several aatoly on “new mathematical methods in history” in peer-reviewed journals.


Unsurprisingly, the wikipedia entry is absolutely hisgory Billington, Russia in search of itselfWashington, D. Fomenko explains the seemingly vast differences in the biographies of these figures as resulting from difference in languages, points of view and time-frame of the authors of said accounts and biographies.

Fomenko states that world history prior to was deliberately falsified for political reasons.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Jerusalem is actually in Moscow. Mud flood series with Philipp Druzhinin. Central to Fomenko’s New Chronology is his claim of the existence of a vast Slav-Turk empire, which he called the “Russian Horde”, which he says played the dominant role in Eurasian history before the 17th century. History’s Timetables Under Siege Second ed.

New Chronology (Fomenko)

There’s a part DVD set, but I don’t know that the other parts have been translated yet. This video presents, in a simplified way, the statistical methods Anatoly Fomenko used to unscramble the previously-accepted historical timeline anatoyl derive the accurate record. The executors of his estate were unable to find such a document among his posthumous papers.