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Pas de lubrification de la Reservoir a huile vide Controler l’etat du reservoir d’huile. Page 38 Binnen dit toepassingsgebied kan de elek- Dit document beschrijft het gebruik van een hand- trische kettingzaag voor algemene werkzaamhe- bediende, elektrische kettingzaag. By using the ‘Select a al-ki button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view. Got it, continue to print. Damage to the machine due to incorrect Do not bedienungsanleotung with a blunt or damaged saw chain.

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Page 42 Zorg voo r een schoon en goed verlicht werkbereik.

AL-KO BKS 4540 manual

The following precautions are strongly recommended because bediennugsanleitung minimum exposure which might trigger the ailment is unk- nown. This warranty does not affect the legal warranty claims by the purchaser against the seller.

Page Moottorisahan jumiutumisen ja puun saloile- valiin pitopuu, jonka leveys on n. Hvis din op- beskyttelsesbriller. Indice Sim bolos en el aparato Respecto a este manual Never start cutting until you have a clear work area, secure footing, and planned retreat path from the falling tree.

Al ko bks 35 35 ii service manual

La nostra garanzia e valida solo nei seguenti casi: Kompakt Weniger Platzbedarf durch kompakte Abmessungen. By doing so, plastic and metal parts can be separated and recycled.

Poser la tronponneuse sur un support stable. A component of the intended use is also the attention of the safety references, as well as the operating instructions in the operating instructions.


Erkennbarer Irrtum sowie offensichtliche Druckfehler unterliegen der Sorgfaltspflicht des Anwenders. Il periodo di garanzia dipende dalle leggi del paese, in cui viene acquistata la macchina.

Laske teraketjuoljy pois laitteesta aina ennen pitkaa kayttotaukoa. L’utilisation d’un dispositif d’aspiration de poussieres peut diminuer le risque provoque par la poussiere.

The chain oil flow can be changed by inserting a screwdriver in the hole on bottom of the clutch side. Neporadek nebo neosvetlena pracovnf oblast mohou vest k urazum. A lancfek kivaltasa eseteben a fureszlanc hirtelen leall, es a motor kikapcsolodik. RX MCU3,3.

Une prudence par- ticuliere est requise lors de la Informations sur ce manuel Please fix the spiked bum- per with two screws on the forefront of the chain saw. Useiden mat turvakengat, suojakypara tai kuulosuo- onnettomuuksien syyna on huonosti huollettu jain sahkotyokalun tyypista ja kaytosta riip- sahkotyokalu.

Page Kaytetyn oljyn kayttaminen voi aiheuttaa genvaara!

Dar efterslipas ocksa djupbe- ning av sagkedjan. Before you start the engine, make sure the saw chain is not con- tacting anything. This also helps you get accustomed to your unit. Bei Storungen, die nicht in dieser Tabelle aufgefuhrt sind oder die Sie nicht selbst bediemungsanleitung konnen, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren zustandigen Kundendienst. Read the operating instructions carefully.

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Al-Ko Bks Betriebsanleitung [Seite 33] | Manualslib

Danger de mort du a un frein de chaTne Danger de 335 en cas de negligences! Sudden surprise contributes to accidents. Oiling port Dismount the guide bar and check the oiling port for clogging. Victor Simen vor 1 Jahren Abrufe. El plazo de prescripcion se determinara con arreglo a la legislacion del pals en el que se haya adquirido el aparato. If any defects are found, make sure to have them repaired before operating again.

Biotechnology, Finland, has carried out studies since and has Die EDebatte schafft eine wachsende Verunsicherung der Mehr. Don’t have an account?